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Design & Installation

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Landscape Design & Installation Service for Current Maintenance Clients

Landscape Design: Quality Comes First

The first step in any landscape plan should be establishing a quality design. While most landscape companies can provide maintenance, many cannot provide a talented, knowledgeable landscape designer to create an intelligent landscape design that fits your needs and budget. Good design ensures the success of your landscape plan even before installation or construction begins.
Landscape Management Company can Transform a Landscape Design into Reality

At Landscape Management Company, one of our landscape designers will sit down with you to determine what kind of site plan best suits your space. A landscape design plan is comprehensive and includes everything from taking measurements to selecting the best type of plants for your space based on size, form, texture and the amount of sun or shade the space receives.

Landscape Management Company can install landscaping from a site plan provided by you or one created by our designers. Either way, a trained designer will oversee the landscape installation process to ensure the site plan is followed to the last detail. The result is a well-organized, integrated flow of activity from the landscape design phase through installation. 
Our crews are experienced in all aspects of installing landscaping. We have installed a wide variety of projects from residential designs to complex commercial layouts.
Vibrant Landscape Color & Landscape Design Plan

A vital part of any landscape plan is landscape color. Primarily referring to summer and winter annuals, landscape color adds vibrant hues to your landscape design and provides a variety of textures. Our talented designers will work with you to select the best combination of annuals as well as bulbs and perennials for your project in order to ensure that the design is properly executed.

For more information on our landscape design and installation services in Gainesville, Hall County, and throughout north Georgia, contact us today.
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