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Brad Donaldson - Operations Manager
Integrity. That's the first response I got when I asked others for a few words describing Brad. I also heard, "thoughtful," "Christian," and "devoted husband and father." He has been husband to Mitzi for twenty years now. Celebrating their marriage with a trip to Hawaii is a future goal. His family also includes a son, a daughter, and a chocolate lab named Bailey. As a kid, Brad wanted to be a police officer. Instead, he served four years in the Navy. This included twelve straight months at sea! During Desert Shield and Desert Storm, his ship primarily delivered bombs and missiles to the fleet. He also got to see the world (just as the recruiters promise), stopping in distant lands like Indonesia, Malaysia, and Australia. These days, he appreciates the small, hometown feel of Gainesville. He enjoys outdoor activities like camping, fishing and cycling with his family, yells for the Falcons, and is happy to be living on Georgian soil.

Educational & Professional Credentials:
  • Environmental Horticulture and Principles of Landscape Design Diploma - Gwinnett Technical Institute

Corey Benson - Business Developer
You can't describe Corey without mentioning sports. They've always gone together. Like many kids, he once dreamed of the big leagues, but he went further than most do, playing baseball for 4 years at Georgia Southwestern State. A master's in sports management and kinesiology followed, along with a graduate assistantship coaching baseball and football players in strength and conditioning. Corey also pursues hunting, fishing, training, working out, golfing, and snowboarding. He cheers for the Braves, the Falcons, and the Tennessee Vols. Even some of his volunteer work is sports-related; he's worked with Special Olympics! Recently, Corey has been venturing down some new paths. He'd been selling fitness and strength equipment, and now he sells landscape services - a definite win for us. And he's about to embark on one of the biggest adventures of 'em all - parenthood. He and his wife, Brittany (not to mention the yellow lab, Rylee) will be welcoming home baby #1 in August!

Educational & Professional Credentials:
  • Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science/Wellness - Georgia Southwestern State University
  • Master's Degree in Sports Management - East Tennessee State University
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach

Pete Stonecypher - Enhancement Manager

Pete is an outdoorsman. Like many an outdoorsman worthy of the name, he once dreamed of being a cowboy. He grew up on farms where his dad was the caretaker, helping with chores like feeding the cows and horses. As a grown-up in the landscape business, he still spends plenty of time outside. He enhances urban, outdoor spaces, and loves passing by trees, etc. that he planted twenty years ago. The "outdoors" theme carries into free time activities. Pete pretty much covers the open air options; he mountain bikes, camps, hunts, fishes, goes white water rafting, and climb rocks. His vacation trips have included Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon. He can't name a favorite; they're all different, and each one is the favorite. On Pete's bucket list are Glacier and Yosemite parks and the states of Hawaii and Alaska. The top priorities in Pete's life, however, are his Christianity and his family. He and Marty have been married for nearly 30 years. Marrying her, says Pete, is one of the best things he's ever done. Their sons are Wil (25), and Seth (17). Stella the dog, who is "84 in dog years," completes the family.

Educational & Professional Credentials:

  • Georgia Certified Landscape Professional. (GCLP)
  • Certified Level I A in Erosion Control - Georgia Soil and Water Conservation Commission

Pete is married to Marty, his beautiful wife of 29 years. They have 2 sons, Wil (25), and Seth (17). He spends most of his free time going to sports events to watch his boys kick butt. He loves doing anything outdoors: camping, hunting, rock climbing, and white-water kayaking.

Jimmy Fitzpatrick - Account Manager
Jimmy's top speed is 170 mph...on the Talledega Superspeedway! He and co-worker Pete Stonecypher each drove a Nascar race car on this crazy venture. In another venture, Jimmy has been married to Norma for more than 20 years. They are raising two sons, Dustin and Andrew. Their "third child" (that's a quote) is a chiweenie dog named Max. A favorite family trip is to go "meander and explore" in the South Carolina coastal region near Charleston, taking in the distinctive "history and flavor" of the area. Jimmy also likes to hunt and fish. And he is an avid collector of comics! Jimmy has been with Landscape Management since '86. He went through the University of Georgia to become a Certified Landscape Professional. He considers it an honor to enhance the outdoor spaces where his clients spend their time; and doing this in Gainesville, with its southern, small-town courtesies, makes it even better.

Educational & Professional Credentials:
  • Georgia Certified Landscape Professional - University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
  • Commercial Applicator Category 24 License - Georgia Department of Agriculture

Joey Brock - Account Manager
Each day, Joey drives past home and commercial landscapes that he's taken care of - some of them, for nearly thirty years! They are part of his contribution to the city, which makes them special. Gainesville holds loads of memories for Joey, because he also grew up here. Back then, he was sure he was destined for the NFL. His favorite team was (and is) Atlanta. His dad often took him to Falcons' games. Today, Joey has been married 19 years and has a son of his own. Price is only six, but he's already showing an interest in NFL ball. (The fourth family member is a chocolate lab mix named Jude, who may or may not share this interest.) Family is everything to Joey. His favorite activities are those they do together. His best vacation, he says, was a trip to Cancun with his wife, Andrea; but "as our son gets older, each family vacation tops the last." He says his goals are "to be a good husband and father," and to "raise my son to be a strong, intelligent, compassionate and independent adult." If Price also grows up a fan of the Falcons, Joey would not object.

Educational & Professional Credentials:
  • Georgia Certified Pesticide Applicator

Ron Edwards - Turf Care Manager

When Ron was a senior in high school, he took an elective class in horticulture. It was a good decision. He liked the class and did well in it, and he realized it just might answer as a career choice. In college, he pursued horticulture. He made another life decision when he married Wynna, and eventually became father to Kyle and Colleen. Since then, he and his wife have raised their kids and graduated to the joys of grandparenthood. Ron grew up in Hollywood, Florida. The Miami Hurricanes are therefore one of his favorite teams, along with the Atlanta Braves and the Falcons. Much as he likes watching sports, his very favorite activities these days are anything he does with the two grandkids. He also likes to play blackjack. It's a stress-reliever, he says - even when he loses. His travels include two trips to Hawaii and one to Alaska. Alaska is his favorite. On his bucket list is a full transit cruise through the Panama Canal.

Educational & Professional Credentials:

  • Horticulture Associate Degree - Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College
  • Georgia Pesticide License

Saraih Torres - Administrative Assistant

Saraih is every bit a family girl. The most profound moments in her life were spent giving birth to the little ones who are now the center of her world. She and her husband have four children - two sons, and two daughters, the youngest still a baby! They are her favorite people to spend time with. Together, they play boardgames and video games, grill outside, and hang out in the yard or at the park or beach. Her family is her reason for working hard. She says that her mother taught her, by words and actions, the importance of putting forth maximum effort, of never giving up, and of exceeding expectations. Between her job, husband, four kids and three dogs, she has ample opportunity to do this every day. Saraih's parents and sisters are Nicaraguan immigrants. Saraih, the youngest, hails from Miami. When she was a kid, her family joined fellow church members for a mission trip to Managua. (Visiting relatives was a bonus.) The group delivered clothes, food, toys, and other items to the city's poorest people. For Saraih, it was a life-altering experience. It helped form her into the caring and compassionate woman she is today.

Daniel Stagg - Regional Vice President South East

Daniel began working, weekends and summers, while he was still a kid in middle school. He wasn't tossing newspapers, either; he was working cattle, felling trees, building fences, and doing other similarly challenging tasks. He was well-prepared for hard work when he reached the "real world." Daniel (who grew up wanting to be a forest ranger) has always preferred being outside. He's been in the landscape industry since he graduated from college. His experience in the industry, his great integrity, and his easy, skilled way in dealing with others, have made him an invaluable leader. These days, he lives on a ranch with his wife, Michelle. They share the land with horses (Michelle's passion) and dogs. In his free time, Daniel pursues activities like hunting, hiking, canoeing, and scuba diving. He is involved with his church, and quick to give a helping hand where it's needed. Like many a good, native Floridian, Daniel spends fall Saturdays watching college football and yelling for the Gators. And - again, in good Florida tradition - he makes an insanely yummy key lime pie.

Chip Morris - Founder and Past President

Chip was born in Clemson, South Carolina, and he grew up in Gainesville, Georgia. Chip studied at Georgia Tech, Gainesville State College, and Brenau University. He started Landscape Management Company in 1978 with the mission of providing excellent customer service and career opportunities for staff.

Chip is married to Deborah and they have two grown children, Allison and Trevor. In his free time, Chip and his wife enjoy hiking and exploring the country in their motorhome.

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