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Lime Treatment

One thing property owners usually don’t think about when it comes to their lawn is soil pH balance. Soil pH is important to maintaining a healthy lawn. If the soil’s pH level gets too low, we provide a lime treatment to help raise pH levels and restore your lawn. 

Landscape Management Company's team of experts can provide lime treatment services to the following counties:

What is soil pH?
Soil pH is a scientific unit of measurement that identifies how acidic or alkaline a substance is.  Most turfgrass that we grow in north Georgia perform best in soil with a pH of about 6.  The ability of a turfgrass plant to absorb nutrients is reduced by extremely low or high soil pH.  This means that expensive fertilizers are wasted if the soil pH is not within a desirable range.  

How is the pH of soil determined?
Soil is collected from multiple areas with a probe, mixed, and analyzed.  The “Soil, Plant, and Water Analysis Laboratory” at the University of Georgia provides this service for a fee in our area.  Samples may be submitted at your local County Extension Office. 

Why is my soil acidic?
The majority of native soils in North Georgia are acidic. Rainfall can lower soil pH because it is slightly acidic plus it leaches important elements from the soil and nitrogen fertilizer applications will lower the pH of soil over time as well.

How many lime applications will I need to correct the soil pH level in my lawn?  
High amounts of lime may burn plant foliage and have a negative impact on roots near the surface.  No more than 2 or 3 applications should be made per year.  In our experience, lawns that test acidic require as few as one application or in cases with pH below 5 multiple applications over several years may be needed to bring the pH into a desirable range. 

If lime is applied to my lawn will I see instant positive results? 
No, results will take some time because lime moves very slowly through the soil to reach the root zone.

If I already have quality turf is it okay to ignore an acidic soil pH? 
No. You may get away with no action in the short term but if the lawn is exposed to other stresses, such as a harsh winter or heavy rainfall, it may easily suffer.

If you have any questions or would like to have Landscape Management Company provide lime treatment for your lawn, please contact us today, or request a quote.
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