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Fire Ant Control

Landscape Management Company offers a wide range of services including fire ant control. Fire ants build shallow mounds on lawns, and they often remain undetected until a person or pet gets too close. 
When a fire ant nest is disturbed, a silent alert, or pheromone, is sent out telling the ants to begin stinging. Each ant can sting multiple times, and with colonies containing as many as 500,000 ants, the danger level is high. The ant stings can cause itching, burning, swelling and, in the most severe cases, can be life threatening.
There are countless products currently on the market to manage fire ant mounds. However, many provide only short-term solutions. They may provide temporary control, but they don’t control the mounds you can’t see, or prevent new ants from moving in. 
For a long-term solution to fire ants, contact a local lawn care or pest control professional. Often, only professionals can apply special products that will control the ants in the long term. 
Landscape Management Company applies fire ant control measures to lawn areas, planting beds, and natural areas in the spring and fall. Our aggressive fire ant reduction program consists of broadcast bait followed by individual insecticide mound treatments.

We can help with fire ant control in the following counties:

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